Forum Constitution

8.0 Ownership of Funds

All funds held, monies received by, and property owned by the CLaSF from time to time shall be the property of all Members at that time.

9.0 Liabilities

All liabilities that may be incurred by the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other Officers by reason only of their appointment to such offices, is hereby excluded to the full extent permitted in law. The liabilities of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other Officers, as officers of the CLaSF, either for their own actions or omissions, or vicariously for those of other Members as members of the CLaSF, shall be shared equally with all other Members from time to time.

10.0 Amendment

The constitution can be amended by the agreement of a simple majority of Full Members attending a General or Emergency Meeting. Amendments can be proposed by either the Management Board or by 10 Members at a General Meeting or by 5 Members on the floor of an Emergency Meeting.

11.0 Governing Law

The CLaSF is an unincorporated association governed by the law of Scotland.

12.0 Transitional Provisions

The first Management Board of the CLaSF will consist of Dr Alan Riley, Chair; Professor Barry Rodger, Vice-Chair; Professor Philippa Watson, Secretary; Ms Kirsty Middleton, Treasurer and Mr Angus MacCulloch, Communications Officer. The term of office of the Management Board will consist of two periods. Firstly, transitional period from the creation of CLasF to the meeting of the first CLaSF workshop. Secondly, from the first workshop for a period of two years. Thereafter paragraph 4.3 shall apply.

13.0 Coming into Force.

The Constitution shall come into force on the 20th December 2002