Forum Constitution

5.0 General Meetings

5.1 The General Meeting.
A General Meeting shall be held once every two years to receive reports, elect Officers of the Management Board and discuss matters relating to the CLaSF. The Secretary will give at least one months notice of the General Meeting to all current Full and Associate Members, indicating the time and place of the meeting and that nominations are now open for offices on the Management Board. An agenda shall accompany the notification of the General Meeting. In particular, any proposed constitutional amendments shall be included in the notification. Every Member (whether a Full Member or Associate Member) has the right to attend the General Meeting. However, only Full Members have the right to vote and stand for office.

5.2 Procedure at the General Meeting.
Nominations will be received at the beginning of the meeting. Each Full Member may nominate one other Member and each nomination for office will require a proposer and seconder. The current Officers will then present their reports. Following the Officers reports the meeting will elect a returning officer, who will run the election. An election will then take place for the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations will then be taken for any additional offices that the meeting then decides to create. If an election is contested a secret ballot will be used.