Forum Constitution

4.0 Management Board and Officers

4.1 Management Board.
There shall be a Management Board of the CLaSF It shall be responsible for organising the activities of the CLaSF, including workshops, research projects and conferences. It shall have the power to operate bank accounts, and do all lawful things to ensure the activities of the Forum take place.

4.2. Decisions of the Management Board.
Decisions as to whether an application for membership for full, associate or other class of membership created by the Management Board shall be approved rest with the board alone. Invitations to workshops to give papers or attend in a non-paper capacity shall be at the discretion of the Management Board. The same invitational discretion will apply to all other events organised by the Management Board.

4.3 Officers.
4.3.1.The Management Board of the CLaSF shall consist of at least the following Officers: a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Officer.
4.3.2. The General Meeting may elect such other Officers as it thinks fit.
4.3.3. The Management Board may itself appoint two additional Officers.

4.4 Term of Officers.
The term of appointment of Officers of the Management Board shall be two years from election or, if later, until the following General Meeting. The term of appointed Officers shall run from appointment to the next General Meeting. Officers may be re-elected and re-appointed.