Competition Law Review

The Competition Law Review

The Competition Law Review is a fully refereed scholarly academic law journal. The CompLRev is distinctive from other competition journals by virtue of having a very strong scholarly basis and focus on particular topical competition law themes. It provides scholars with a forum in which to discuss in detail the complexities and underlying trends in modern competition law.

Call For Papers

The Editors of the Review would particularly welcome sumbissions on the following themes:

Volume 12 in 2015/16: Object & Effects in Competition Law

The Editors will also consider any Book Review articles or short Case Comment articles.


The editorial board of the Review consists of the CLaSF Management Board, of whom the Review's Joint Editors will be the Chair and Vice-Chair of CLaSF. In addition, a number of notable competition law and regulation specialists are on the editorial board: Professor Tony Prosser, Professor Richard Whish, Professor Anthony Ogus, Professor Steve Anderman, Professor Brenda Sufrin and Professor Cosmo Graham.

The CompLRev (ISSN 1745-638X) is published twice a year and focuses on topical and/or controversial competition law themes. The Review will give preference to high quality scholalry papers with links to the published CompLRev themes.

The Editors encourage submissions to be between 8,000 - 10,000 words, and will not accept submissions of greater than 12,000 words. The Editors also encourage all submissions to use OSCOLA citations.

The CompLRev also welcomes the submission of book reviews and case comment which are topical and/or fall within the broad scope of the particular theme of the CompLRev issue.