Competition Law Scholars Forum


Leniency, Effectiveness and Fairness

A CLaSF Workshop

London, Thursday 2 September 2010.


Distrust & Deterrence: The Logic of Leniency
Prof Christopher Leslie, School of Law, University of California-Irvine

Leniency, Immunity and the Moral Maze
Angus MacCulloch, Lancaster University Law School.

Outline of the European Commission’s Approach to Leniency and Future Perspectives
Sari Suurnakki, DG Competition, European Commission

First come, first served? A review of the timing and effectiveness of EU leniency applications
Peter Willis, Dundas & Wilson

How to Make the Talk: Application of Game Theory in a Creation of a European Model of Leniency Programmes
Ms Beata Slominska

Is it Worthy to be Lenient?
Aurora Muselli, PostGraduate Student, College of Europe, Brugge

Assessing the Genuine Value of Leniency Statements
Pascal Berghe, White & Case, Brussels

What Threats Exist to the Successful Operation of the Leniency Notice 2006
Lyubomir Talev, Varadinov Law Office, Sofia

The Interaction Between Leniency Programmes and Action for Damages
Dr Caroline Cauffman. University of Maastricht