Competition Law Scholars Forum


Assessing the Boundary: Intellectual Property and Competition Law

A CLaSF Workshop

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Thursday 9th September 2004, London Premises of Nottingham Law School, Jockey's Fields, Lincoln's Inn.


'Microsoft - Does the Microsoft Case offer a New Paradigm for the Exceptional Circumstances Test and Compulsory Copyright Licences under Article 82'
Prof Steve Anderman, Essex University

'The Implications Of The IMS Case On The "Exceptional Circumstances Test"'
Hedvig Schmidt, Doctoral Research Student, Essex University.

'IMS and Microsoft judged in the cold light of IMS'
James Killick, White & Case

'Essential Function vs Essential Facility; Defining the amount of R&D protection in high-tech industries after IMS and Microsoft'
Carsten Reimann, Ashursts

'Assessment of licensing arrangements in the Post-modernization world - The role of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption'
Professor John Kallaugher, Latham and Watkins LLP, UCL

'Defining Competition Law in the Domain Name Market'
Jonathan Galloway and Konstantinos Komaitis, Doctoral Research Students, Glasgow University and Strathclyde University.

'The Relation between IPRs (patents specifically) and Competition'
Irina Haracoglu, Doctoral Research Student, European University Institute, Florence.

'Unblocking Gene Patents - An Antitrust Approach'
Shamnad Basheer, Oxford University, associate at the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre (OIPRC)