Competition Law Scholars Forum


Globalisation, International Enforcement and Extra-territoriality

A CLaSF Workshop

London, Thursday 4 September 2007, City University, London.


A Little (Competition Law) Learning is a Dangerous Thing: The WTO decision in Telmex
Dr Philip Marsden, Director Competition Law Forum and Senior Research Fellow, British Institute of International & Comparative Law

Consistency as the Core Principle of International Competition Law: The Hobgoblin of Little Minds?
Dr Chris Noonan, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Auckland.

Future Directions in Bilateral Cooperations: a policy perspective
Dr Maher Dabbah, Queen Mary, University of London.

The Role of the EU in the Formation of International Agreements on Competition
Dr Anestis Papadopoulos, Hellenic Competition Commission

Streamlining Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Review
Dr Jonathan Galloway, School of Law, Newcastle University.

The Cooperation among the Competition Authorities of the Developing Countries: Why it does not work? Case Study on Argentina and Brazil
Marco Botta, PhD Candidate, European University Institute.

China’s New Antimonopoly Law and Multinational Companies - A Paper Tiger or Fierce Dragon?
Prof Mark Williams, Hong Kong Polytechnic University