Competition Law Scholars Forum


Decentralised Enforcement: From the Idea to the Reality

A CLaSF Workshop

Thursday April 22nd, Glasgow Graduate School of Law, University of Strathclyde


'Co-operation Within the European Competition Network'
Dr Philip Marsden, Competition Law Forum, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London.

'The Powers of the National Competition Authority to Disapply National Law Incompatible with EC Law'
Dr Alina Kaczorowska, Southampton Institute

'Spontaneous Harmonisation of National Law in the Wake of Modernisation of EC Competition Law'
Dr Hans Vedder, University of Groningen.

'Decentralised Application of EU Competition Law an Economic and Legal Approach'
Professor Teresa Rodriguez de la Heras Ballel, Carlos III University of Madrid.

'Leniency and Not Regulation: The True Path to the Holy Grail of Antitrust Enforcement in National Courts'
Dr Alan Riley, Nottingham Law School.

'The Impact of EC Antitrust Modernisation in Poland'
Dr Malgorzata Nesterowicz, Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun.

'The Application of EU Competition Law by the Belgian Competition Council and the Belgian Judges: Is Belgium Prepared for the ‘New Regime’?'
Professor Yves Montangie, Ersamus Competition and Regulation Institute, University of Rotterdam; and Lessius Business School, Antwerp.

'Different Aspects of the Application of European Competition Law by Spanish Authorities'
Professor Alfonso Calvo Caravaca, Universidad Carlos III-Madrid
Professor Maria Pila Canedo Arrillaga, Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao.
Professor Natividad Goni Urriza Universidad Publica de Navarra, Pamplona.

'Private Antitrust Enforcement in Italy: Why Does Not It Work Properly?'
Professor Paolo Giudici, Faculty of Law, Free University of Bozen.

'Criminal Sanctions for Competition Law: A Review of Irish Experience'
Mr Pat Massey, Director Compecon Limited.