Competition Law Scholars Forum


The Consumer, the Retail Sector and Competition

A CLaSF Workshop

Thursday September 7th 2006, Cass Business School, City University, London.


Does competition policy enforcement (DGCOMP) really care about consumer interests?
Juan Antonio Rivière Martí Adviser and Consumer Liaison Officer; Directorate General Competition, European Commission, Brussels.

The Controversies of the Consumer Welfare Standard,
Kati Cseres, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Amsterdam.

Competition Law, the Consumer and the Retail Sector,
Dr Irina Haracoglou

Broadening consumer welfare in the light if consumer protection law and protecting the competitive process from the buyer power: A test in the retail sector,
Carlo Petrucci, Doctoral Research Student, Manchester University School of Law.

The Supermarket Sector in China and Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Systems,
Dr. Mark Williams, Associate Professor of Law, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Consumer Interest, Public Interest and Competition Law,
Dr S Chakravarthy, Consultant on Competition Policy and Law, Hyderabad, India.

Representation of Consumer Interest by Consumer Associations-Salvation for the Masses,
Orit Dayagi-Epstein, Doctoral Research Student, Kings College London.

Possible remedies against anti-competitive buyer power,
Jeremy Scholes, Lecturer in Law, Sheffield University.