Competition Law Scholars Forum


Ten Years of Competition Law Reform

A CLaSF Workshop

Thursday 10 April 2008, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.


Competition of Competition Law Systems: The Paradigm of Private Enforcement
Dr Assimakis P Komninos, White & Case

Fault Requiremens in Damages Claims
Dr Paolisa Nebbia, University of Leicester.

Private Enforcement - What about Article 82?
Hedvig KS Schmidt, Southampton Univeristy.

Carrots and Sticks - Leniency, Fines and Settlement in EC Cartel Cases
Declan Walsh, UCC, Cork.

Cartel Direct Settlements: A Blind Alley for DG Comp
Prof Alan Riley, City University.

Lame Duck or Black Mamba: Can the Cartel Offence Enhance Deterrence?
Dr Andreas Stephan, UEA.

The Increasing Personalisation of Competition Enforcement
Paul Hughes, University of Westminster.

A Critical Assessment of the ECMR Reform
Ioannis Kokkoris & Krisztian Katona.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law: Will Reorming Article 82 be Enough?
Daryl Lim Tze Wei, Max Planck Institute.

Hungarian Competition Policy as a Model-child
dr Szilagyi Pal, Competition Law Research Centre, Hungary