Competition Law Scholars Forum


Competition Law and Pricing Mechanisms

A CLaSF Workshop

Bird & Bird, Thursday 1 May 2014


Pricing Practices and Competition Law in the CMA
Chris Walters, Director of Economics and Enforcement, CMA

Interpreting the As-Efficient Competitor Test Following the ECJ Post-Danmark judgment
Mr Derek Ridyard, RBB Economics

Post-Danmark’s Recoupment Requirement
Jay Matthew Strader, Ph.D. Candidate University College London

The Intel Case between Tomra Systems ASA, the Commission’s Guidance on enforcement Priorities and the alleged infringement of procedural requirements: no fat left on the bone?
Andrea Usai, PhD candidate Universities of Bologna and Strasbourg

The Regulation of Margin Squeeze in the European Union and the intersection of competition law and sector-specific regulation
Kathryn McMahon, Associate Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick

Margin Squeeze and Predatory Pricing
Anna Pisarkiewicz, OECD

Margin Squeeze amid the Modernisation of Article 102 TFEU: Confirmation of the Effects-based Approach or a Misrepresentation?
Fatih Ozkan, PhD Candidate, University of Sussex

Every Crime Leaves a Trace: Cartels' Strategic Noise Creation and the Implications for Screening
Carsten J. Crede, University of East Anglia and Centre for Competition Policy

Resale Price Maintenance As A Response To Loss Leader Selling: A Good Defence?
Ajinkya Tulpule

Scottish Minimum Alcohol Pricing and Competition
Angus MacCulloch, Lancaster University Law School