Competition Law Scholars Forum


Competition Law in Leisure Markets

A CLaSF Workshop

IE Center for European Studies, Friday 26 September 2014


Google’s Anti-competitive and Unfair Practices in Digital Leisure Markets
Dr Anca D. Chirita

Up in the Air: Enforcing Competition Law through Commitment Decisions
Cristina Volpin

Premiership Rugby Union: a cartel?
Beverley Williamson

Spanish ‘soccer war’: antitrust litigation over broadcasting rights
Dr Fernando Díez Estella

The Striani’s Challenge to EUFA Financial Fair Play: A New Era After Bosman or just a washout?
Prof Stefano Bastianon

The break-even rule of the UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules under EU Competition Law
Dr Alfonso Rincón García-Loygorri

“You’re either with us or against us” The role of EU competition law in tackling abusive conduct by sports associations
Prof Dr Ben van Rompuy

The Real Madrid case: A state aid case (un)like any other?
Oskar Van Maren

Entertainment made in Spain: Competition in the bullfighting industry
Prof Dr Francisco Marcos