Competition Law Scholars Forum


Current Competition Law Research

A CLaSF Workshop

London, Thursday 22 September 2011.


Why There Might not be Many Damage Claims Arising from the Spanish Property Insurance Cartel?
Prof Francisco Marcos, IE Business School, Madrid

Why not Court? A tentative study into the dearth of follow-on actions to OFT enforcement action in the UK 2005-2009
Professor Barry Rodger, Strathclyde University Law School

The Creation of a Competition Law Culture in Europe: the Drafting Years of the EEC Prohibitions and of Regulation 17/62
Prof Lorenzo Pace, Faculty of Economics, University of Molise

The Modernization of EU Antitrust Enforcement in 3D - The current and future role of non-efficiency considerations in the application of Article 101 TFEU
Dr Ben Van Rompuy, Senior Research Associate, Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The State as a Participant in International Anti-Competitive Conduct: Avoidance Techniques
Marek Martyniszyn, Doctoral Research Student, UCD School of Law, Dublin

Higher Education Institutions and Competition Law
Andrea Gideon, Doctoral Research Student, University of Leeds

Antitrust and the Conventional Wisdom - Ideologies and Doctrine in Historical Context
Professor Peter Kunzlik, City Law School

Reforming UK Competition Policy
Professor Cosmo Graham, University of Leicester