Competition Law Scholars Forum


Competition Law and the Courts

A CLaSF Conference

University of Luxembourg, Thursday & Friday 19 & 20 September 2013


Keynote Speakers

Miro Prek, Judge, General Court, Court of Justice of the EU.

Arjen Meij & Josef Azizi, Former Judges, Genral Court, Court of Justice of the EU


Competition Law: Comparative Private Enfrcement and Collective Redress in the EU
Barry Rodger, University of Strathclyde

Filling the Tank of Antitrust Private Enforcement,
Francisco Marcos, IE Law School

Antitrust Damages Actions and Collective Redress
Roberto Cisotta, LUMSA University, Rome

The Ball is in your Court: the shifting of the evidential burden of proof in EU competition law and the emergence of the proof-proximity princple
Christina Volpin , University of Padoa

Fact-Finding, Presumptions and Privileged Proof in Antitrust Enforcement: Time for a European 'quick look'
Nicolo Zingales, Tilburg Law & Economics Center

Re-Thinking the Participation of of Competitors in State Aid Governance
Fernando Pastor-Merchante, EUI

Efficient Justice in the Service of Justiciable Efficiency
Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel, Leiden Law School

Recovery as a Multidimensional Remedy in EU State Aid Law
Tim Bruyninckx, EUI

Enforcement of State Aid Rules for SGEIs before Public Procurement Review Bodies and Courts
Albert Sanchez-Graells, University of Leicester